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Today’s Ortel is no longer just a CATV and Microwave products company. We have high speed analog devices to service today’s wireless networks. Our portfolio features high performance sensing products with specifications that are extremely unique. With the support of Photonics Foundries, and its access to high volume manufacturing- on shore, near shore and off shore Ortel can offer greater services and value propositions that will further enhance our already popular linear products. Our CATV and SATCOM portfolios will benefit greatly from this unique arrangement.

Ortel US 

The team at Ortel US has decades of industry experience. We know more than anybody how to get the most performance out of linear technologies and to deliver them quickly and reliably.

Ortel Asia 

Our Ortel Asia team bring world class supply chain management, manufacturing engineering and quality engineering skills. Their record is unmatched in the industry in how quickly they solve complex problems.

Photonics Foundries

Photonics Foundries brings the vision to combine optoelectronics technologies and operational management. They bring a proven track record of success in optics, volume manufacturing, supply chain and business management.

Products and Engineering Services

Ortel serves a wide range of industries to provide best in class optical and RF performance. This is combined with access to volume manufacturing sites that offer assembly and logistics services across all markets. Our products offer superior performance because they are designed starting with the actual chip. We design everything around the chip in order to optimize performance, including even our supply chain and assembly and test systems.

Wireless Networks

Highly linear, wide bandwidth lasers and ultra low noise receivers

Sensing,  LIDAR & High Power CW Lasers

Narrow linewidth, high optical power, coherent devices

CATV Networks

World class technology; Widely deployed for decades

Satellite Communications

L, K, Ku, C Band and Microwave transmitters, receivers and full systems

Manufacturing and Logistics Service

High volume electronics manufacturing located at on and near shore, ITAR rated facilities

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O Band Laser

March 25th 2024

LIDAR and Sensing  

March 15th 2024

Ortel Reborn 

October 12th 2023

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